Aquarius Cleaning Services



Our Staff

We place just as much emphasis on recruiting and retaining our staff as we do with professional services

Our clients reap the benefits of having their cleaning work undertaken by mature, reference checked and locally recruited staff, supervised by an experienced local management team.

Providing a service – staff & staffing levels

As a client, we understand that you ask us to provide a cleaning service for your premises, regularly, and at the right time and days for your needs. Where possible we like to provide you with named cleaning staff and managers who you can ‘get to know’ and who will be the regular cleaner/cleaning team for your contract.

On occasion, due to annual leave entitlement, resignation, sickness, maternity leave or other reasons, the regular staff may change from time to time for short periods.

Where we need to provide different staff in your team to maintain service levels, they will always be employed by us, trained by us, uniformed and inducted into the way your premises are cleaned.

If a client has a team of 2 or more cleaning staff per session we may ask existing staff to cover for each other, where it is practical to do so. This ensures that the service is maintained with remaining staff working extra time to cover for the member of staff who is absent.

Our managers are also available to work in your premises when required to cover for staff absence.

Staff Turnover: When staff leave our employment, retire or move on to other jobs, we ensure that your service levels remain unaffected by using the methods of cover listed above. We prefer to look for the right person as a replacement rather than to rush into recruiting someone who will not be a match with for your agreed cleaning times and specification and our company requirements.

Staff Attendance Incentives: We operate a basic pay and attendance bonus scheme for staff. This encourages staff to attend for work on a regular basis and has led to a reduction in very short notice absences within our company. We also operate an ‘Employee of the Month’ award as an additional incentive.

Staff Training: Staff complete training in all aspects of providing a cleaning service, to include health and safety considerations, use of cleaning chemicals, manual handling procedures and re-cycling of waste. Compulsory annual health and safety training is provided.

All our employees are:

  • Interviewed in person
  • Fully trained (induction, health & safety and ‘on the job’ training)
  • Fully insured
  • Uniformed
  • Reference and ID checked
  • Matched to contracts according to their strengths and abilities
Aquarius Cleaning Services are an equal opportunities employer